Website Redesign

Website Redesign

Want to Elevate and revamp your Digital Presence?

We are your one stop solution to meet all your redesigning needs.

Whether you are looking to rebrand or appeal to a new audience, you can always count on our website redesign experts to provide you with a brand new website.

We help businesses and corporations redesign and enhance their existing websites to generate more leads, gain more views and improve user experience.

So get ready to experience a brand new website redesign with our team upgraded and experienced with the latest web design concepts.

With our thorough strategy and planning we go through all the problems you have with your existing website, this helps us to gain more insights into your needs, thus helping you create a modern, updated digital presence.

Our custom web redesign includes:

Our ultimate aim is to give your site a fresh and attractive look that is not only visually pleasing but also serves the actual purpose.

By enhancing user experiences means we understand your customers, their preferences and make sure what they are looking for is easily available, this makes your website more engaging. 

Our team of HTML designers makes sure that your website is built for optimal visibility and engagement. It should effortlessly adapt to various screens sizes and devices, which in turn ensures a consistent user experience across desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Our Optimization redesigns team focuses on improving and updating the current infrastructure and performance of the website. This could include upgrading to a new content management system (CMS), optimizing page load times, enhancing security measures, and ensuring compliance with web standards and user accessibility guidelines.

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    What is website redesign?

    Website redesign is a process of updating and revamping your existing website to a brand-new look and design, the functionality might remain the same but the Design and aesthetics of your website changes in order to give your website an improved and effective performance in terms of user experience and search engine visibility.

    Why should I consider redesigning my website?

    You should consider to redesign your website if your website has an outdated design and look, poor user experience, long page load times, reduced traffic or lesser leads. A website redesign can help you alter and increase your online presence, attracting more customers and generating more business.

    Will my website lose its search engine rankings during the redesign process?

    With Triguns, we make sure we don’t take off your existing website, while redesigning process, we only make the modifications after the new design and functionality is fully verified and tested. A little fluctuation is possible during the process of making the new website live, however we make sure that we retain the old URLS, Meta tags, Meta descriptions and keywords, moreover we also make the 301 redirects to ensure that the website does not lose its clients.

    What is the difference between a website redesign and refresh?

    A website redesign is an extensive change in the functionality, navigation and can even be a change in the platform of development, whereas a website refresh is just an upgrade to the look and feel of the website giving it a fresh and appealing visual effect along with improved user experience and visibility.

    What are the benefits to redesigning a website?

    The major benefits of a website redesign are Improve User Experience, Improved Page Speed, Improved Search Engine Visibity, Increased Website Traffic, Generation of more leads, Reduced Bounce Rates, Increased Customer Engagement.