Archimaster 3D is a company that provides software’s for designing living spaces/offices. It provides users with a comprehensive platform to visualize, plan, and design their homes in a three-dimensional space. They software’s are categorized according to the type of space to be designed.


Archimaster 3d





  • Develop a user-friendly web application to download the softwares as an executable file.
  • Implement features to download the softwares in different languages.
  • Provide a license key to the buyer according to the purchased plan[license type].
  • Ensure scalability, security, and performance of the website.


We have created a system that allows the user to browse through different products/software’s, the user can select a 10 day trial plan or can purchase a full blown licensed version of the software. The software’s are available to be downloaded in 3 different languages mainly French, German and English.

We have made use of Google Translator for translating the entire website in the selected language and the executables are also downloaded in the form of a digital link according to the selected language by fetching the particular language’s digital link from the database.

For generating the license keys for each download we have made use of a third party API provides by

The license keys are generated uniquely for each customer and each product, based on the license type [i.e. Trial version or License purchase] selected.

The license key automatically gets deactivated after the number of days from the date of purchase have passed. This number is added from the backend by the site administrator. The site administrator also has the facility to deactivate this license key manually from the admin panel at any time.

After Purchasing the desired software the user can immediately download the working version of the software and add in the license keys after installing the software’s. The Softwires are provided as a digitally downloadable link in the order receipt. This receipt is even sent to the customers email with the digital downloadable link[according to language selected] with the license key.

  • UI/UX Design
  • PHP-Development
  • Responsive